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Is that any kind familiar to you yoga teachers? You tell people, what you do for work, being a yoga teacher, and they’ll tell you how great your job is? It’s not that my job isn’t great, it’s just the thing what other people think of it as great. For example they’ll tell you how good that is for your body, so you’ll have a workout every day. Well, the word „workout“ is maybe not even the problem, but more, that it is true, as a devotional yoga teacher you do have a regular practice, but it is just not coming through teaching but with a very disciplined day-to-day-schedule ON TOP of teaching. Which is fine – but not what people think it is, like, teaching AND, in the same moment, getting your „workout“.

I think it is quite the same with yoga teachers who are traveling all the time…

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I'm a yoga and writing passionista, living in Cologne, Germany, love to travel the world. I'm very much into nutrition and cooking, have some big dreams and love to plan ahead on them.

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