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One of the big differences Ashtanga Yoga can make in your life is giving you some really helpful discipline. Let’s start with an example of the ordinary not-so-so-disciplined people. Like me. If you ask my friends they’ll probably tell you that I’m organized, working on a lot of projects at the same time and getting all of them done. But that is definitely only the superficial half of the story. I maybe get the things done that have to be done – but I’m leaving on the road some dream projects and crazy ideas. Because there is not enough time left for them.

I started with Ashtanga yoga two years from now. I was working at that time as a full time journalist for a newspaper – and there was just no chance taking any yoga class after work – which was my preferred time to practice yoga. After work…

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I'm a yoga and writing passionista, living in Cologne, Germany, love to travel the world. I'm very much into nutrition and cooking, have some big dreams and love to plan ahead on them.

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