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This is one of my pros-pros-pros for BYC: The amazing food there. It is not that there is one awesome food stand – there are many. And the food is soooo amazing. Obviously there is a connection between yoga and healthy food. You can see it on the quality the food stands offer but also on the time it takes to get the food – because at BYC rush hours (between the classes) you have to wait in a long line. For a good reason.

Right after falling in love with yoga I fell in love with healthy food. It took some time to be honest before I got really the idea, what is healthy food exactly? I remember very clearly me being in London years ago and having found this amazing place „cookies and scream“ when I heard the other day a yoga teacher talk exactly about the cookie place…

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I'm a yoga and writing passionista, living in Cologne, Germany, love to travel the world. I'm very much into nutrition and cooking, have some big dreams and love to plan ahead on them.

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