On Assisting

Irgendwann reiche ich diesen Text auch noch auf deutsch nach!

byc inspiration

This one was tough work…. Actually I wanted to write something about me assisting my teacher Nicole Bongartz. Since she is teaching at the Barcelona Yoga Conference and I am assisting her literally for years, it would just make perfect sense. It ended up to be a whole philosophical essay on assisting – so here we go.

Let’s start at the end: So supposed you assist someone for years – why would you do that? That was the first question I stumbled upon – kind of realizing asking myself.

Obviously you want to learn something. In the beginning this is the most logic reason. You want to learn something that you cannot get in teacher training. Something personal, something practical, something philosophical… Could be anything your teacher likes to share with you. Of course we all know this story that after a 200h-teacher-training your NOT a teacher. I mean, officially…

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I'm a yoga and writing passionista, living in Cologne, Germany, love to travel the world. I'm very much into nutrition and cooking, have some big dreams and love to plan ahead on them.

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