The Power of Learning – Petros Haffenrichter & Tiffany Cruikshank

Barcelona Conference 2015…

byc inspiration

If you ask around, who does like to learn something – could be anything from cooking to philosophy – most people will say YES I DO. For some reason we humans (and beside us a lot of animals) really enjoy to learn something new.

So one of my yoga teachers once said to me he does not understand the concept of yoga conferences. He would call them „yoga circus“. When he first mentioned that I didn’t know what to respond. I loved conferences ever since, I enjoyed them and I like the idea of even more of them recently coming up and more yoga festivals that are evolving. But what to say to explain my liking? „I just like them“, seemed not an appropriate answer for this teacher.

Today morning at BYC I went to Petros Haffenrichter’s class. It was one the first’s of the main conference, at 8 am. I…

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