To keep a Beginner’s Mind


When I started with yoga I just jumped in. Literally. When the teacher said: „step or jump forward“ – I would just jump. I just did and tried EVERYTHING the teacher would suggest, without fear or thinking too much about what could happen. I was very young and I loved doing sports. When I remember those days it always gives me a good laugh. On the one hand today I miss this fearless me (because this changed… – oh hello, thinking mind!!), on the other hand I’m very happy I didn’t get any serious injuries. Oh my, this beginning time has so much magic, doesn’t it?

I started practicing yoga on a daily basis when I was living in New York. I had done yoga classes before, but because I never ever had any money those days (I was a student and traveled looooaads between my studies) I practiced yoga mostly with DVD’s. So that’s also why my first „teachers“ could never stop me from jumping – they just couldn’t see me 😉

In New York I went to the Jivamukti Yoga studio for a book presentation from Sharon Gannon. So I went there only for the book presentation, not even thinking about taking a yoga class there. I was hooked, immediately. Since then not a day would pass without me practicing at this Jivamukti Studio. I fell in love with yoga, for sure. But even more: I fell in love with the BEGINNING of a new practice, a thing I loved, planning my day in a new way, listening to new things, getting to know new teachers, really beginning to practice with myself.

Needless to say I left all my (credit card) money there. But also – needless to say – I received so much in return. Right after those three months in New York, I knew what I wanted: to become a yoga teacher. I knew so clearly that this would be my path. I remember lying in the bed of one of my best girlfriends worrying about the application I sent in to work & learn at Lord Vishnus Couch (spoiler: where I’m working now ;)) – and waiting to hear if they accepted me. I couldn’t afford the entire fee for the tt so I NEEDED the work & learn to make that ‚yoga teacher thing‘ happen.

So I lay in my friends bed and she started worry also. She said, but what if they say no? I didn’t know what to do in that case, so I took a positive approach: If this will gonna work out,  -I said, then this it is. And yes, you guessed it already; it worked out.

But I’m still so sure I wouldn’t have been so clear about what I wanted if I didn’t have this intense time in New York. This jumping in and getting it all. Because of this memory I still love so much to teach beginner courses. Because I know that this magic of beginning exists – you just have to begin and stick with it. You need this „jumping in“ experience.

I am absolutely convinced through your yoga practice, you will find out what is meaningful to you. And what it is what you are really longing for.

That’s why I teach a yoga introduction class every week. And I give a lot of Absolute Beginner Workshops. Because I want every yoga practitioner that starts their practice, to enjoy the same magic I did. If that happens, you just go with it. You stick to it. Even if some day in the future it is not your beginner state anymore that kicks you – but your practice by itself.

Nicole and me will teach a retreat on Mallorca, 9- 16 April 2016, with a focus on how to keep a beginner’s mind. That does not mean you have to be a beginner in yoga to come with us, but we invite you cordially if you! If you are not a beginner we invite you to open up to your beginner’s mind again and have a fresh look at your (yoga) fundamentals (again) and to come with an empty mind and an open heart to experience what yoga can really be in your life.

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I'm a yoga and writing passionista, living in Cologne, Germany, love to travel the world. I'm very much into nutrition and cooking, have some big dreams and love to plan ahead on them.

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