Full Moon WYLD Women Circle

Re-think Feminism

Sonntag, 8. März, 18.30 bis 20.30h

Think big! Wie könnte eine Welt mit Gleichberechtigung aussehen? Was könnte unser Anteil daran sein? Wie können wir lernen, unsere Stimme zu nutzen, um uns für die Dinge einzusetzen, die uns wichtig sind?

45 Euro, Anmeldung über steffi@thisisholy.de


A teacher’s practice:

Spring Cleaning with Steffi Grube

Samstag, 25. April bei The Vinyasa People, Bonn

13 -16 Uhr

As the days become longer and brighter we get ready to seize the time outside, preparing our bodies and minds holistically to step out of the house. Spring and summer represent a time where we like to be fun, do stuff and get things done. But here is the thing: If we do not household with our energy, this time can be exhausting and just too much. In this 3 hrs workshop we will look at our body, mind and breath-management and give them a cleanse: 

  • with energizing but simple asanas focusing on backbends and positions using the wall
  • cooling and soothing breath work to manage heat and times when simply too much is going on
  • meditation and imagenings to get old stuff out of the mind.

Price: 40 Euro
Book here

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