Magical Jungle – Yoga Retreat Peru

31. August – 7. September 2019

Optional: Machu Picchu vom 7. – 10. September


Peru is high on the bucket list of many avid travelers and with good reason! This amazing country has so much to offer and offers beautiful options for the conscious yoga traveler.

On this retreat, you get to take a break, connect with nature and explore your yoga practice on and off the mat. Steffi and Suze guide you through daily yoga sessions that will allow you to slow down and follow your inner roadmap during this week. The morning classes offer a strong and focused practice combined with deep meditation. The evening classes focus on the yin qualities of the practice and Yoga Nidra. Slow movement and longer holds in the poses allow your body to release tension and prepare you for a good night sleep in the jungle. Bring your journal and get ready for some inner explorations and reflections.

Through the daily practices and the day-trip, we connect deeply to nature and the environment we are a part of. Enjoying the beautiful smells and sounds of the jungle while practicing in an open yoga space. Including our amazing surroundings in our practice we allow the powerful energy of the Peruvian forest to change the way we look at ourselves, our lives and the world we live in.

The yoga sessions are combined with a sustainability module and a day trip through the beautiful rainforest mountains where we get to both enjoy the magic of the rainforest as well as learn about the importance of biodiversity and the sustainable initiatives we can support in the area. Elements that all enhance each other, leaving a lasting impact and making this a journey to never forget! Together we move towards a more connected and holistic way of living.

In your free time, you can relax in a hammock, swim in the river, go for nature walks, visit nearby towns or just relax with a good book.

Do you not want to miss out on Machu Picchu while visiting Peru? You can add a trip to Macchu Picchu with us after the retreat. The trip will be fully organized for you and you get to enjoy the company of the people you already know from the retreat.

LOCATION: San Martin, Peru


  •  7 Nights accommodation

  • Daily yoga sessions

  • Sustainability module

  • All meals

  • Day trip into the Peruvian rainforest


Triple Room from €1099 (€849 Early Bird)

Double Room from €1199 (€949 Early Bird)


You have the option to add a trip to Machu Picchu with us to your booking. The trip is connected to the retreat. More information will follow soon!

  • Yoga Style: Jivamukti Yoga and  Vinyasa Yoga

  • Stay 7 nights in a beautiful Eco-lodge surrounded by the stunning mountain forest

  • Enjoy daily yoga and meditation classes and deepen your practice

  • Engage with the sustainability module and become part of a tribe of positive change makers

  • Go on a day trip with a local sustainability project, enjoying the amazing nature, learning about biodiversity and more!

  • Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals with local ingredients

  • Relax deeply, enjoy the pure nature and beautiful culture Peru has to offer

  • Optionally extend your trip with us and visit Machu Picchu

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